How to Find Presence in the Midst of It All

January 03, 2011 By: celedra Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit

I’ve asked this question to everyone I’ve interviewed.  How do you find presence, stillness, and peace when in the midst of all of the excess stimulation of this very busy life.  I’m sure I’ve asked this question because it is something that I have yet to grasp.

Reflecting on the last few days of Christmas cheer, there is such a mix of gratitude for my wonderful family (which includes the four grandchildren), the sharing of gifts, the last minute shoppers (which, urg, I was one of), continually wondering if I got enough for everyone, wrapping etc, etc. and my state of current exhaustion.

Well, I’ve come up with one good start – have enough sleep, meditate, exercise, and eat well.  I can honestly say that I did not even do one of those things.  Then again, it was a choice – a choice to be involved as much as I could with all those precious moments, knowing that soon space would again open up, sleep would prevail, my zafu would still be sitting in front of my alter, Tony Horton would still be ready to shout out a “Bring it!”, and my green drink would taste more delicious then ever.

Yet, I know there is a middle ground.

So, I decided to listen again to the videos on our site under “Touching the Sacred”.  Here is the sharing of a few of our Wisdom Holders:

Sherry Anderson: “The silence is always here.  Before it was always here I would sense my body, just be aware of sensing and that would let me come down to ground into a sense of being able to be here”.

Michael McAlister: “How do you not remember that this is a dance of spirit.  There is nothing outside of spirit.  It’s not that we have to remember but something that we have to continually open to and from.  The practice is to find stillness daily.

Lama Palden: “Through meditation practice we are able to clear enough of whatever is in the way to feel that even in the midst of a very busy life all I have to do is remember and come back into myself and my own heart to connect with the deepest truth of who I really am.”

My intention for this year is to more deeply commit to a daily meditation practice, even if it is 30 mins, and to more deeply cultivate an abiding sense of stillness with myself.  My intention is to not lose myself in the midst of the noise, but to come home to the deepest truth of who I am over and over again.  And to remember, I am only a breathe away.

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