Lovin’ my new herb garden

May 17, 2010 By: celedra Category: Mind Body Spirit

Celedra's Herb Garden

What could be better then living right off the earth!

Except for bananas, I can grow all the fruits and veggies I need to live on.  Oh, and avocados.  I love avocados and eat them without reserve.  Why wouldn’t they do to my insides what they would do to my skin?  Make everything luscious and moist and soft.

I wonder if Whole Foods will go bankrupt without my daily attendance?  Probably not.  I love to carry my wicker basket with the big handle out to my garden with a pair of garden scissors and gather a meal.  I am unrelentingly always in awe!  How did my life get this bountiful? There is a split that is beginning to soften between gathering veggies in my garden and having an intimate relationship with my computer for hours at a time.  It’s nice.

This herb garden used to be a elevated spiral, except the spiral kept falling down.  So, this is what I created instead.  I love it.  It feels ancient to me.  Here are a few exquisite reasons to eat herbs.

Basil – great for impotence, allergies, constipation, diabetes, diarrhea and respiratory disorders.

Cayenne – Helps create hydrochloric acid which is excellent for digestion.  Rumor has it that it can stop a heart attached if taken with 30 seconds.

Chamomile - helps sleep, relieves flatulence, relieves hemorrhoids and menstrual cramps and increases appetite.

Garlic - helps lower blood pressure, reduces cholesterol and triglycerides and can ease an upset stomach.

Ginger – slows down the aging process by reducing free radical damage and helps fight viruses by boosting the immune system.

In the midst of all this technology and busyness, it is a deep plunge into presence to fill  my hands with the lush smell of mother earth; to pull weeds that so tenaciously hold on to their rights for a place in my garden and win the struggle; to clip roses that fill my senses with beauty and heavenly aroma and mostly, to step back feeling exhausted and spent and feel a swell of gratitude that, on this huge planet, I get to borrow  this bountiful piece of earth for this short lifetime.

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3 Comments to “Lovin’ my new herb garden”

  1. Oooh you inspired me to get my herb garden started too! I can’t wait to share garden-fresh veggies with you this summer.

  2. Thanks for sharing the details. I found the information incredibly helpful.

  3. So lovingly written. Im happy for you and your herb garden


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