Heal, Nourish, and Honor the Sacred Feminine Within

January 18, 2011 By: Mary Lane Category: Awakening Feminine, Feminine Wisdom

I thought about this not so great, but noble attempt, seven layer dinner my Mother use to make when I was a kid. It came to me as I witnessed my travels this winter. My top layer being the defenses I created over my lifetime that would support me to survive. This is quite a hard shell that not only doesn’t allow others to feel my vulnerability, but it doesn’t even allow me to feel it. Finding my way through that maze of constructs has been years in the making.

I drop to a deeper layer on this journey. One by one the old worn out beliefs that lie beneath the outer crust of my defenses come forward. It is obvious the defense layer is to protect me from the pain and grief that is woven amongst these old beliefs.

Not only is there a collective miasm of negativity swirling around the energy field of our world that I can’t deny I’m a part of, I am dealing with an entire lineage that I am the accumulation of. Then comes my personal version from a life that reflects the bigger picture internalized.

I saw how every one of these personal beliefs hidden in the shadows that resonated with the collective unconscious about the feminine was like a tentacle to this negative energy field, feeding it my life force. It was up to me to address each one of these old beliefs that resonated and stop feeding it. Stop feeding this monster with my unconscious beliefs that have been fed to me, my ancestors, women and men for thousands of years.

Instead of being a victim, which is like dessert to this hungry monster, my willingness and commitment to stop this feeding frenzy has opened the door for the support from the ancestors. They know that if I heal this it will heal them as well. They are eager to support me to do this work from the unseen realms. Instead of blaming them for my wounding, etc, we have become a cooperative team to heal this collective miasm that affects them, myself and others.

The good news is that I, like everyone else, have been given my own small manageable bite-size piece of this very large impersonal picture to heal. Every feeding tube I remove from this negative energy mass the weaker it gets. Multiply that by all of us and it has lost its strength, power and can not survive. It survives on our life force every time we buy into a belief that resonates with its energy frequency. This is in the unconscious and is not just whisked away by a few positive affirmations. That’s like putting whipped cream on a pile of poop. It may taste good for a few bites, but eventually you are going to work your way back down to the pile of poop.

Bringing the light of love as the torch to find our way through the labyrinth of our being, offering love to each part of ourself that has acted out of love to help us cope with this missing feminine piece, thanking it, allowing it to move on with dignity and grace is a worthwhile task. You have just outgrown it like an outfit that doesn’t reflect who you are anymore. Thank and honor it after it has been in service to you for generations and lifetimes. It has supported you to grow into an incredible being that has the strength to incarnate at this time in history.

We are not light weights. We have chosen to come here, to go through the wounding that would take us on this collective journey of transformation. We would not be able to reclaim this most necessary aspect of ourselves, of our world, if we were not focusing on healing the result of her absence. No, we are not victims, we are co-creators, and we created this scenario. We have the power to travel this territory, diving deeper and bring her up out of the underworld, out of the shadows through each and every one of us. We are that powerful. And we can do it. She is waiting for each of us to recognize her within, underneath all the layers that have hidden her.

Mary Lane is author of Divine Nourishment, A Woman’s Sacred Journey with Food. To find out more visit www.divinenourishment.net.

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  1. Mary, thank you again for your wise words. It is profound to know that our healing is not solitary, but that is touches all of life, past present and future within that mysterious realm of timelessness and all time. Love to you.


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