The Empowered Menopause

September 15, 2009 By: Rachelle Goering Category: Mind Body Spirit

I realize that not everyone reading this blog is experiencing menopause right now. You may be a woman who is not currently in that phase of life or you may be a man. But I am confident that either you will be joining the millions of women already in menopause or you are closely associated with one or more menopausal woman. The time leading up to menopause is known as peri-menopause. This transitional time can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years and usually occurs between the ages of 40 and 55. It is often accompanied with some pretty challenging symptoms and changes to a woman’s body, mind and outlook on life.


Menopause means the final menstrual flow. The symptoms that occur during perimenopause include hot flashes, night sweats, decreased libido, increased weight (and more difficulty losing it), emotional lability and mental fogginess. These symptoms can be annoying, sometimes debilitating, but they always can serve as a wake up call to each woman and how she wants to live out the second half of her life.

How you as a woman have lived your life thus far and what you need or desire to change to build a strong foundation to live out the rest of your life is brought to the forefront. You may question the direction your life is going, your relationships, your career–where you are putting your energy. And you may deeply wonder if is that where you want to continue focusing your energy. Maybe you feel a pull to do what you have always wanted to do while the old voice from the past begs you to stay in what is familiar and secure.

While there are changes during this time that include losses such as the loss of your childbearing ability, there are many rewards–if you choose to participate in this journey consciously. I work with hundreds of women in varying stages of the menopausal transition. Some are more plagued than others with challenges to their health and severity of their symptoms. The more informed a woman is about her body and her options, the more empowered she is in making choices that are right for her, and the more she can realize the rewards and benefits that are hers for the asking if she chooses.

The midlife transition, more than any other time in a woman’s life, offers the opportunity for transformation and empowerment. We are perhaps more motivated by our passion and purpose, by the voice of our Soul, by a deep desire to fulfill what we are put here on this planet to do. It is time to heal the unresolved issues from our past and put them to rest. To not be held back by limiting beliefs but to be propelled forward by our Feminine Wisdom. It is time to trust our Inner Knowing and Intuition.


Empowerment through Partnership I encourage you as a woman to seek out a health care practitioner who will be a partner in your midlife journey. The old paradigm was the doctor–usually a male–held all the answers and made all the decisions regarding your health issues. The result was often not so favorable for the woman. Many were placed on harmful synthetic hormones, anti-depressants, or advised to undergo unnecessary surgeries. For many years, hysterectomies were the most preformed surgeries and Premarin was the most widely prescribed drug in the world!

Knowledge is Power The information highway is changing so rapidly it is hard for even the most scholarly health care provider to stay abreast the latest research much less expecting a lay-woman to know everything that is currently available. I go to at least one seminar a month and read countless articles every week just to stay on top of all the new information that is surfacing. I want my patients to have the best choices available so together, we can decide what are the best regimens and treatments for them. Menopause management is not a one size-fits-all program. Every woman is different, every body has its own unique needs. The more informed a woman is of all the choices available, the more empowered she is.

In the end, it is your body which is home to your Soul. Be informed, find a practitioner in whom you trust, who listens to you, who stays up to date and who wants to be your partner on your mid-life journey. Menopause can be a wonderful, exciting and fulfilling journey. Don’t let it slip away, don’t live with regrets. Instead, resolve now to make these years the best years yet!

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