Embracing the Sacred Feminine

November 17, 2010 By: Mary Lane Category: Awakening Feminine, Feminine Wisdom

I follow the rhythm and flow of the seasons. It has been a powerful way to acquaint myself with the Sacred Feminine in her vastness and multitude of manifestations. It supports me to see myself reflected through the eyes of nature as a mirror. Through this practice I allow myself to flow from one flavor of my vast being to another just as she flows from season to season with different energetic qualities. The less I identify with one aspect of her and allow her to come through in her many expressions the more alive my life becomes.

Recently I had a day that was an exquisite example of her flowing through me in her ability to embrace all of life. It was a major wake up call for me and one of those pivotal moments that resulted in a “yes” I can do this. I can be her. I am her!

I work as a private chef for high end clients periodically. One of my jobs took me to Maui, my former home as chef for clients from Moscow. Because it was home for years I still have close friends there. I stayed with a friend whose Mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s. I offered to help care for her while there around my job. After I arrived she went down hill and my days were split between shopping and cooking for clients who paid me to not only be professional but very creative with my food. They were on vacation celebrating life. My food as art was part of this celebration. One moment I was supporting my friend and her mother as she rapidly approached death’s door. The next I was creating meals that nourished my clients on many levels.

The doorway between the worlds swung open every day as I moved from one reality to the other. We stayed up most the night supporting this elegant woman to let go of her life with peace in her heart. The morning came when she let her life go. I was blessed to be with her in that moment. We bathed, anointed, and dressed her body. We honored her passing with a sacred ritual of the Goddess as gate keeper between the worlds.

I immediately left this sacred space to shop, go to my client’s vacation villa, prepare a meal that would dazzle them, and support their celebration of a day that made them thrilled to be alive. I never mentioned to my clients what my day was like before coming to work.

The Great Sacred Feminine offered me a day with her signature. She owns it all. The more I embrace life and death equally the more alive I feel, the more sacred my life becomes, the more I can embrace her in her entirety. It was a glorious sacred day!

Mary Lane is author of Divine Nourishment: A Woman’s Sacred Journey with Food. Find out more at www.divinenourishment.net.

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