Droopy Eyelids Anyone?

February 22, 2011 By: celedra Category: Aging With Grace and Glory, Mind Body Spirit

I am enthralled with aging. I wonder if this is the first time in history that women stand around at a party and so enthusiastically talk about the agony and ecstasy of it all. This actually just happened last Saturday night at a party with about seven of us all in a highly animated circle – each one gingerly pinching our sagging eyelids to see who wins “most eligible for insurance coverage due to impairment of eyesight”. We laughed hysterically. It’s not unlike that great moment with Meryl Streep in What’s Complicated when she exposes her one droopy eyelid!

I don’t remember my mother or her friends ever talking about aging. It was just the natural course of events. No one spoke about longevity, corrective surgery, raw food, HGH injections or what it would be like to live until 100. Nature seemed to simply take its course.

There is a natural evolution to life that we humans seem to keep wanting to mess with, as though we have some all-knowing wisdom only to often end up paying a big price for our meddling. For me, there seems to be a correlation between the more wrinkles I have and the more authentic I feel. And more womanly. There is undoubtedly something deep inside that is calling to be heard, that has a new voice.  Perhaps too, there is a new way to listen.

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2 Comments to “Droopy Eyelids Anyone?”

  1. John Cusack says:

    Great post. Great thoughtful insights. As a male, I find none of my buddies who approach this subject. I am so grateful for long eye lashes that keep my wannabe droopy lids from covering my eyes…lol!!!!

  2. Shala Blackburn says:

    I feel self-conscious about my droopy eyelids too. Yet, I’m experiencing something quite curious: When I mention it to others, not haranguing or obsessing, just MENtioning it, I find that others are quick to deny that it’s happening. They are quick to deny as if it means….. what? a terminal condition? DEATH?! or, perhaps, they think I’m seeking some validation for “still being beautiful”.

    Ah well, thanks for bringing it out in the open, so to speak, haha Shala


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