Divine Nourishment as a Healing Practice – Why it is essential

August 29, 2011 By: Mary Lane Category: Mind Body Spirit


Our Mother Earth brings love to us through the food and our sensual experiences. Without this we could not have a human experience. Without the human experience, our soul could not grow and evolve.

Eating is a sacred act. Something living dies, we take it into our bodies, and it becomes part of us as we become part of it. Plant or animal, hunted, gathered, or bought in the supermarket, this exchange and balance creates the interconnectedness in the physical realm and allows the natural world to continue.

To treat the act of cooking and eating as a chore is a denigration of the love from our Mother, plants and animals. Eating is one of the most basic acts of self-nourishment and honoring of one’s life. It is a necessary step toward self-love and wholeness. When we nourish ourselves with gratitude according to deep wisdom of nature, we are returning this love and respect by honoring our life as sacred and interconnected with all there is. By nourishing ourselves nature’s way we are given a map to live by that honors and unites life, death, light, dark equally. It gives us the tools to receive the gifts of both sides to grow and evolve.

Divine Nourishment is not just about focusing on what nutrients our body needs.  It does not focus on what benefits us without regard to the interconnectedness and value of all life. It does not put more value on our physical or spiritual experience. They become equal and united for harmony to be restored. We are required to accept the wholeness of the human experience and honor it all.

Divine Nourishment as a healing practice transforms the mundane acts of life, such as preparing our daily meals, into a sacred act of respect and love for our self and all of life. It brings our connection with the divine into our daily life as a practice and act of love. This simple practice reverberates out into the world and supports the shift of the collective unconscious from fear, guilt and shame of our life to love and respect of life and oneself. Obviously this simple act of feeding ourselves has no small effect on our lives, collective consciousness, and world. It is necessary to restore balance to heal the soul.

Mary Lane is author of “Divine Nourishment, A Woman’s Sacred Journey with Food.”



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