Childhood Songs

March 27, 2011 By: Chiron Armand Category: Mind Body Spirit, Uncategorized

I’m often in awe of time. It passes like a rocket and before we know it, we’re somebody else, entirely new – for the most part.

I woke up one morning a few weeks ago to find a song in my head from my childhood. This isn’t rare. I’m used to waking up to remembered music that I always assume must have been the soundtrack to a dream I may or may not recollect. As I stepped outside to take in the day, I took notice of the lyrics: “Learning to love yourself – it is the greatest love of all.” I’d sung those lyrics a thousand times at talent shows and around the house from the moment I realized I had a voice, but their profundity hit me that morning as the greatest lesson that I’ve been trying to assimilate into my life – that self-love will get me everywhere. Undoubtedly, my hardest lesson this life’s journey is to hone in on and increase love and validation for myself from myself .

It was as if someone was feeding me medicine in my childhood, knowing early on what my trials and tribulations would be and what I would need in order to get through them. Another song from my favorite show as a kid, The Wiz, has been like a musical elixir for my root chakra. For someone who’s moved and changed residences as much I have throughout most of my life, the signature tune Home strikes a significant chord for me. Sung right before Dorothy clicks her heels three times and returns to a place “where there’s love and affection,” Home speaks as much about finding solace and understanding within oneself as one might seek in the outside world.

Is this Spirit’s doing, that some of the most beloved songs of my youth are tied to the most potent lessons of my life? Even the most cynical of people confess how often songs on the radio seem to speak directly to their current emotional state. Is it so crazy to imagine that the Universe might work this magic early on in our lives?

What are some of your favorite childhood songs? Does their message still apply?

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