Mind Body Spirit | Touchstones of the Sacred - Part 2

Mind Body Spirit

Conscious Living depends on Connecting with and honoring our selves. The Daily Practice of Meditation, Exercise, and Mindful Eating serve as Touchstones each day, creating space for growth while centering and grounding us. Take time to care for your Mind Body Spirit connection and affirm the  sacredness of your being: The source of generosity, love and  compassion.



orange poppy

By Mary Lane


Life as an Automaton vs. Presence
By Michael Nagel


Slowing Down in a Culture Built on Speed
By celedra

men's hands

Being a Knower Rather than a Believer
By Michael Nagel


What is the truth which personal authenticity expresses?
By Michael Nagel

Soup with spoon

Nourish Your Inner Love Affair
By Mary Lane


Transforming Hatred into Compassion
By celedra

woman getting close massage

Winter Health (“vata” time of year)
By Patricia Tedeschi


Is spirituality a matter of becoming less or more human?
By Michael Nagel

Busy Roads 150

Creating a Structure of Living that Supports an Inner Life
By Michael Nagel

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