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Conscious Living depends on Connecting with and honoring our selves. The Daily Practice of Meditation, Exercise, and Mindful Eating serve as Touchstones each day, creating space for growth while centering and grounding us. Take time to care for your Mind Body Spirit connection and affirm the  sacredness of your being: The source of generosity, love and  compassion.



Michael Nagel

Paradox of Spiritual Seeking
By Michael Nagel


Presence, Neurons, and the Internet
By Michael Nagel

michael negal

The Virtue of Self-ishness
By Michael Nagel

Pele Fire

Fire, Nature & the Art of Transformation » Pele Flow
By Mary Lane

Rock n Roll Half Marathon

The Finish Line
By celedra

Overcoming Personal Obstacles - Authenticity Project

Obstacles and Their Overcoming
By Michael Nagel


Tomorrow I Go On Medicare With More Than 10,000 Other Baby Boomers!
By celedra


Pesto Recipes Spring Healing
By Mary Lane


True and False Autonomy
By Michael Nagel


Detoxifying: You are what you eat (or don’t eat)
By Patricia Tedeschi

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