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Nana Smith

This is the beginning of a new adventure I started after traveling for 18 yrs as a professional tennis player. While on tour I traveled to many countries exploring all kinds of interesting jewelry and had always made little crafts and unique jewelry for friends and family members.

After some time of thought and plenty of recommendations, I have decided to make special pieces of jewelry out of my creative thinking of ideas that are turned into special little treasures.

Trees are long held as symbols of life. They are beautiful, majestic & among them are the largest & oldest of all living things on earth. Trees are a part of a circle that links all life on earth.

They signify strength and are a reminder that you keep growing your whole life through.

All Trees are handmade by me using .999% pure silver, not sterling.  All other metals are sterling silver.  Your Tree of Life jewelry will take within 7 business  days to make, unless other specified.

After your order, please let us know what length you would like your necklace to be.

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Spirit Tree Necklace

The trunk of the tree is slightly off to one side with leaves, each handmade by scratch and placed carefully on and around the branches - some swirling in the wind..   " Spirit " is hand carved. Approx 1 3/4" tall

$230.00 - Buy now

Tree of Life Copper Leather Necklace

Two hearts laying next to each other. Two solid copper rings hold the pendant onto a leather cord necklace. Lobster sterling silver clasp. Pendant length and width approx.1 1/2"

$150.00 - Buy now

Photo Story Book

A handmade Tree of Life necklace which tell little stories about your life..  The cover of each corner is curled up slightly, revealing 5 of your pictures,  short words can be stamped - free. Sealed for protection .  Approx 1 1/2".

$250.00 - Buy now

Moon and Stars Tree of Life Necklace

A scenic nightime view of twinkling stars and a crescent moon gives a soothing 'spirit' to this tree of life necklace.  Sterling hearts floats at the clasp.  Approx 1 1/2".  Takes 10 days to make for you.

$230.00 - Buy now

Fancy Tree of Life with Tiger Eye Stones

Tiger Eye stones and a leather cord make for a nice style.  Detailed small round sterling beads are set along the necklace

$180.00 - Buy now

Unisex Tree of Life Necklace

Bail is smooth with a leather cord and large sterling clasp
Pendant full length is approx 1 1/2"

$110.00 - Buy now

Dainty Lil Tree on Linen

Tiny sandlewood beads and turquoise stones are set along the wax linen.
Sterling silver clasp.  Length of pendant approx 1"

$65.00 - Buy now

Rooted Tree of Life

The rustic style bail is twisted into a unique small rope. Pendant full length is approx 1 1/2"
A brown leather cord secures the tree

$110.00 - Buy now

Petite Tree of Life with Lil' Bird Charm Necklace

A very cute necklace with a little bird flying around the tree.  Tree is approx 1"

$85.00 - Buy now

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