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Mickie Bellah

Mickie Bellah

I serve as the conduit to create these amazing paintings using pure color to capture God’s exquisite creations and add color to everyone’s life.  My hope is that the images that appear (of their own accord) will cause the viewer to pause for a few moments and breathe deeply feeling God’s love and presence in their life.

My paintings can have significant impact on a person’s life.  I say this not because I painted them but because of the manner in which they are created. I use no standard artist’s tools, only my intuition and the guidance of the Spiritual Realm which focuses on the energy of the paint and canvas joining together.

The colors set off a tone that resonates with the person viewing the canvas.  As they begin to see the subtle images the vibration of both the viewer and the painting increase and they connect.  Their heart opens and they know, without a doubt, that it has significant meaning to them.

I invite everyone to take a few moments to relax their eyes and view experience each canvas.


Earth 83

The colors in this painting are magical. They just draw you into them to rest for awhile. Lots and lots of texture. Enjoy your stay.  14” x 11” gallery wrap.

$80.00 - Buy now


Aquarius’ color is Blue and captures the sign’s stake in abstractions, progressive ideas and activities of Aquarians.  11" x 14" Giclee print.

$35.00 - Buy now


The energy in this painting is amazing. It announces “Freedom To Celebrate”. A mood-enhancer for sure. 20” x 20” gallery wrap.

$95.00 - Buy now

MB Astrology Birth Painting

Colors of paintings are determined from your Chart. The most personal painting you'll ever own.  20" x 22" unframed.

$250.00 - Buy now

Blue 41

Aquarius’ color is blue with a touch of electric silver and pastel shades. The images capture the sign’s stake in abstractions, progressive ideas and activities of Aquarians.  11" x 14" Giclee print.

$165.00 - Buy now

Earth 39

A beautiful bouquet we'd all love to receive. 30" x 40" framed.

$325.00 - Buy now


Taurus' color is green and earth tones - determined, practical and realistic, persistent, loves plants, tends to habits. 11" x 14" Giclee print.

$35.00 - Buy now


Imagine the turmoil you have been experiencing just evaporating before your eyes as you gaze at this painting. You shout, "I did it!"  You are stronger.  36” x 28” gallery wrap.

$135.00 - Buy now


Pastel colors for the Twins of Gemini.  Words describing this sign are inquisitive, quick, bouncy, clever, disinclined to be serious. 11" x 14" Giclee print.

$35.00 - Buy now

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