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Mara Berendt Friedman

The inner life and search for awakening, with its ever spiraling struggles and triumphs, is the fuel that feeds my creative fire.  Over and again, I repeat the process of diving deep within the well of Soul, swimming in its fertile depths and rising up with image pearls that express not only my personal path, but also the universal journey of being a Woman. How do we as women connect to the power and innate wisdom of our Mother Earth and know Her power as our own? How do we connect with the Beauty of our soul and share our unique gifts of expression with the world as a sacred act of healing both for ourselves and each other?  I am continually guided by the tender truth of this quote by Rumi, “Let the Beauty you love be what you do.”

Mara Berendt Friedman has been a working artist for over two decades. Her richly colored, layered and stylized paintings focus upon and honor the Essence of the Sacred Feminine. In 1994, she founded New Moon Visions, a small company that manufactures and distributes artgifts featuring her work throughout the world. In 1999, Mara co-founded STREAM  (Souls Together Rejoicing in Expressive Arts and Magic), a sacred art school where she teaches classes dedicated to the nurturance of true self-expression and the Rainbow Way of Beauty. Since 1994, Mara has lived and worked in the lovely river valley of Lorane, Oregon. She is deeply grateful to have the opportunity to be an artist-dreamer in these highly technological times.

Rainbow Warrior Awaken! Your Journey of Guidance and Healing

Rainbow Warrior Awaken! ™ Your Journey of Guidance and Healing, is an inspiring blend of beauty and wisdom. This deep expression of divination flows from the power of the Sacred Feminine.  44 color cards & a 96 page guidebook feature the exquisite paintings of internationally recognized artist Mara Berendt Friedman.

Friedman has joined with energy therapist and counselor Trinity Harris to create simple yet potent messages that weave together practical and spiritual insight with powerful meditations, healing processes and a unique method of choosing cards.  Harris offers a poem for each card, illuminating it’s message. Published in November of 2010, Rainbow Warrior Awaken™ has already become a favorite of many seekers.  This beautiful oracle set is now in it’s second edition.
Simple enough for the maidens, sophisticated enough for the crones, appropriate for women and men of all ages, Rainbow Warrior Awaken! speaks to the Truth within the heart of us all.


Time Out of Time

Time dances the days before us, the nights behind us and the Now within us. Original acrylic painting on 12"x12" canvas.

$633.00 - Buy now


Spring sleeps beneath Winter’s blanket… dreams are born in silence. Original acrylic painting on 11"x14 " canvas.

$533.00 - Buy now

Three Blue Tears

Our tears are holy, our pain transforms us, our heart heals thru tender compassion. Original acrylic painting on 12"x12" canvas.

$633.00 - Buy now

Listen and the Whispers Will Come

Ancient echoes sing within our Soul… in stillness we hear their wisdom and in clarity, we follow their guidance. Original acrylic painting on 16"x20"inch canvas; framed.

$933.00 - Buy now

Green Butterfly of Transformation

Sacred circle of healing - 18"x24" canvas; framed.

$1333.00 - Buy now

Drink the Nectar of Holy Grace

Rainbow Goddess presides in her celestial home… feel Her Beauty and know Her Wisdom in your deepest heart.  Original acrylic painting on 18"x18" canvas; framed.

$1333.00 - Buy now

Morning Prayer

Dawn on the island of Kauai… Spiritbird brings up the sun and earthdaughter merges with sea and sky, earth and fire. Original acrylic painting on 14"x18" canvas; framed.

$733.00 - Buy now

Daughter of the Rainbow

Warrior of Spirit, noble with integrity… She is within you, waiting for you to set her free. Original acrylic painting on 16"x20" canvas; framed.

$933.00 - Buy now

Rainbow Warrior Awaken!

Discover the truth within your own heart with cards and guidebook flowing from the power of the Sacred Feminine

$36.00 - Buy now

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