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Manny Neuzil

I am repeatedly drawn to stones and other elements that inspire me to create jewelry that is a bit unrefined, beautifully irregular and suggestive of the spiritual. Some of the elements I am most drawn to are organic and unrefined stones, ancient pieces, Tibetan mala beads, and ethnic additions. I prefer to use creative elements that are not too many steps removed from the earth...imperfectly perfect.


If you are inspired by nature, a lover of stone and one who stays alert to all of the ways that guidance and direction are presented to you in your world, take a peek at my original Cairn series. Cairns have been used for centuries as path markers and landmarks. My cairns are inspired by such stacks and the power of suggestion and guidance from within and without that is ever available to us...

Tibetan Mala Beads

There's something about these beads...Perhaps it's that they've had a past life as devotional markers, or guides. Perhaps it's that I'm drawn these days to things that help my own journey to find the paths that are meant for me, be they clearly marked or quite obstructed.
The Mala Beads that I use are salvaged from the remains of old Tibetan Prayer Malas. I love wondering where they've been, whose hands have smoothed and softened them, moving over them in prayer and meditation, counting off mantras.

Natural Turquoise Wheels

My series of Turquoise Wheel pendants is inspired by the beauty of these stones. The Turquoise is natural and irregularly cut and is quite complex, full of so many other types of stone that I can't begin to explain it's effect. Each wheel bead is completely unique and unlike the next. When I started working with this turquoise I hesitated to commit the stone to a particular design. I've kept a handful of them on our coffee table, one in my pocket and a couple always at the ready for friends who seem to need some Earth-grounding or a warm stone to caress. Each one is a small, rich and complete masterpiece that both surprises and delights me.


Natural Cairn Pendant with Brass

This Cairn stack is full of certainty and confidence. The brass spacer calls out the earthy tones of the stone. The Turquoise Cairn is 38mm on a 20" cotton cord

$45.00 - Buy now

Tibetan Mala Bead Earrings with Golden Rutilated Quartz

Tibetan Mala Bead with turquoise and coral inlay, rich, light-filled and Golden Rutiliated Quartz. Above the mala bead a primitive sterling flower. 16m

$35.00 - Buy now

Natural Turquoise Wheel with Jet II

The colors in this stone are transformative. Such a blend of nature's palate! I've paired it with a soft, foamy green heishi topped by an irregular Jet stone. 45mm in length and hangs from 18" sterling rolo.

$35.00 - Buy now

Natural Turquoise Wheel with Mala Bead

Primitive and rustic with such rich earth tones. This stone glows in it's blending with Rutilated Quartz and mala bead. 1.75" in length and hangs on 18" sterling ball chain.

$35.00 - Buy now

Tibetan Mala Bead Earrings with Pink Quartz

Tibetan Mala Bead with beaded brass inlay paired with faceted pink quartz resting below the mala bead and pink Peruvian Opal above. Soft and full of light, air, ease. 19mm.

$35.00 - Buy now

Wee-Cairn Earrings

The most recent in my Cairn series and created using unrefined Turquoise accented by sterling. The earrings are a total of 20mm from the bottom of the earring wire. Earth grounding...from West to East.

$45.00 - Buy now

Natural Turquoise Wheel with Stack of Three

This stone is an Earth miracle. A small stack of three Turquoise heishi complete the piece. 41mm in length and hangs from a 19" sterling ball chain.

$35.00 - Buy now

Tibetan Mala Bead Earrings with Apatite and Aquamarine

Coral and turquoise inlay paired with clear Aquamarine topped by Apatite. A perfect and serene blending of elements. 14m long.

$35.00 - Buy now

Wee-Cairn Pendant

Small yet powerful. This natural Turquoise Cairn guides quietly. 22mm in length, it hangs from an 18" double strand of waxed cotton cord.

$30.00 - Buy now

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