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Laurel Schwartz

Painting from within...
My art...the images
I wait, listen...they emerge
 From betwixt & between
From the horizon, the mist, the fog
From starry skies, the moon, heavenly
From within, from the Divine
Pure essence
Healing images, food for the soul
Portals to lead...where you need to go
Impressions from beyond…Remembered

“My images seem to come from nothing. I show up at the canvas and wait.  Wait for a color, wait to be drawn to an area, to be informed.  They are birthed between the lines of my journals.
My images are currently more uncensored than ever before, very fluid, abstract…of a healing and spiritual nature. Their arrival is mysterious, joyful and exciting!
Originally, the paintings were just for me.  I have no formal art training. The personal healing, expression, and self discovery I experience has been life changing. I offer my paintings and my story as inspiration to those who are aching to remember themselves.  That they follow the path of their longings and passions, and shine their unique light in the world.”
About my offerings here:
All acrylic originals are 1 ½” stretched canvas and are wired, ready to hang.  
The Giclees are signed by the artist and are printed on 20” x 16” enhanced mat paper with a ½” white border.
Standard shipping in continental US.



"Who do I pray to?  Is it God?  I pray to the all-knowing love source.  I pray to the source of all that is.  I pray to the purest flame of love.  I pray to the gritty, rich, organic essence of creation."  20x16 giclee print

$48.00 - Buy now

Voice of the Sky

"May my life be an expression of my gratitude for all that I've been blessed with."
36x30, original acrylic, 1 1/2" gallery wrap

$750.00 - Buy now

Mourning Has Broken

"The longest night has passed ...dark is dissolving into light.  There is no such thing as time.  Life occurs, we exist, in the moment.  One heartbeat at a time..."
30x24, original acrylic, 1 1/2" gallery wrap

$650.00 - Buy now

Winter Solstice 2009

"This, the longest night...aware of the intense ache of love.  A longing to soak up the essence of another.  To hold them and never let them go.  The ache of being a human, loving full out....knowing the inevitable loss that comes in life.  How do we survive this love?"
20x16, giclee print

$48.00 - Buy now


"This music.  So fluid.  Magic to my ears.  The beauty through the windows.  The human desire for ecstasy.  Words disappearing before written.  This painting erupting before my eyes....creation...no effort.  Joy, fluidity, indescribable pleasure...."
20x16, giclee print

$48.00 - Buy now

Ancient Sunbird

"Choosing colors....rich gold, chocolate brown, feeling the influence of the music....the image arriving without thought, without my opinion, uncensored.  Seeing now what appears to be an eagle".
20x16, giclee print

$48.00 - Buy now

Tulip Trance

"Bound up in thought, in worry.  What is real?  What is habit?  Trapped in my mind.  No pleasure here.  I want to get out of the way....to relax and trust.  This music....I need it
to sweep me off my feet.  Ride the wave of the present moment."
36x30, original acrylic, 1 1/2" gallery wrap

$750.00 - Buy now

Summer Seduction

"We've been waiting, longing for, the heat.  Balmy breezes, the sweet, musky bouquet in the air.  Bare feet, bare shoulders.  Sensuous.  the cool down at sunset.  Kissing our skin.  Awakening our senses.  Soothing our soul".
20x16, giclee print

$48.00 - Buy now

Unleashed by the Voice

"An enormous stirring, an energy erupting, painting on a diagonal, the layers coming as I work my way across the canvas.  Colors and textures unfolding.  Almost no thought involved....a brand new experience."

20x16 giclee print

$48.00 - Buy now

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