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Expression through art and craft has been my lifelong companion. The work with symbols began spontaneously about 25 years ago. From the life changes and chaos I was experiencing at the time, a door opened. I began carving my emotions, in the form of primal images, into soft forgiving wax. I find comfort, strength and insight in this work and continue to study the tradition of symbolic art for healing. I go to the work bench much like someone else may go to the mat, their meditation spot, prayer or music room.

In addition to the designs borne from personal life and fascination with the study of multi-cultural spiritual disciplines, I have also been inspired by the talent, courage, and wisdom of people I know, love and admire. Many designs are attempts to capture some of their amazing qualities. Lately, I have had the fulfilling experience of co-creating logos for people passionate about social change or healing.

Each pendant is carved in wax, cast in sterling silver and comes with a black satin cord and its own lyrical poem. We hope you enjoy browsing the entire collection - www.krobinsdesigns.com


Namaskara Mudra

Pure Heart of the Lotus offering prayers of devotion, compassion, friendship and peace. 1.25” X 1.25”

$58.00 - Buy now

Kali Ma

Face to face with Hindu Goddess Kali, we are thrown into a wild dance of destruction and transformation, emerging fearless into the comforting arms of the Great Mother Kali herself. 1.4” X 1.5”

$54.00 - Buy now

$49.00 - Buy now


Asana known as ‘Tree Pose'.  2" X .6"

$55.00 - Buy now

Journey - Adventure Day One

"Life is an adventure. Embrace the journey."  A collaborative effort for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 1.2” X .9”

$38.00 - Buy now


Swimming, half woman, half fish, playful in the deep sea of emotions. 1.0” X .85”

$45.00 - Buy now


Sitting silently thousand-petaled lotus revealing itself.  1.5" X 1.0"

$45.00 - Buy now


The playful Raven is a bird of mysticism and magic. Raven teaches us how to go into the dark and bring forth light. In memory of a dear friend. 1.6” X .85"

$52.00 - Buy now

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