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Julia Weaver, MFT, BA

"God is a circle of which the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere…"
—Empedocles, 400 BC

A circle represents the entire cosmos. Mandala, which means sacred circle in Sanskrit, is a potent container for creativity. For me, each mandala is an invitation to perceive and reveal
the Light that is inherent in all life.I create mandalas through a visionary process,
which combines embodied meditation, prayer, and sacred sounds.
My prayers are for personal and global healing. I also draw for inspiration and celebration.
As you gaze at a mandala, breathe slowly, and relax your eyes.
See with your heart and listen for guidance. Gently open to your own luminous Divinity

Julia Weaver is an environmental arts educator, a licensed psychotherapist, and an exhibiting artist. While swimming off the Kona coast in 1996, Julia had a mystical experience where she spontaneously received mandala images, which took her artwork into deeper dimensions of healing and spiritual practice. Julia offers local and residential workshops in the SF Bay area, across the US and England (and soon S. America). She offers dolphin swim retreats in Hawaii and Bimini and is available to create a unique mandala for interpersonal or transpersonal healing or business purposes and offers sessions in person and by phone.

Each image is available as a museum-quality archival giclee print; signed, dated, and numbered (limited editions of 100). The prints are mounted and ready for matting and framing. Prices below are for 15x15" prints. Also available are 12x12" prints for $108 and 18x18" prints for $222. Balance, Compassion, Love, Joy, and Loving Kindness are also available as cards; sold in sets of 5 (1 of each image) for $13.



Fire from the core of our Great Earth Mother's Heart. The woman's four limbs are strong and vital, honoring the four directions, four seasons, and four elements. Thus, Balance. May we all find it within.

$188.00 - Buy now


Emerging from the center. Penetrating the vulnerable flowering heart. Gratitude for the continuous unfolding and enfolding. Love, the living mandala.

$188.00 - Buy now


This mandala manifested in gratitude to Tsultrum Allione and her teachings of Simhamukha, Queen of the Dakinis and the embodiment of Fierce Compassion.

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In Her Hands

I always think of gravity as being like two loving arms reaching up and holding each of us here with love. It's as if the divine Mother is saying "I want you right here."

$188.00 - Buy now


Honoring the radiant joy of the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, whose many gifts include cooperation, healing, community and ecstatic play!

$188.00 - Buy now

Just Rest

Through a fog gently lifting, a giant Buddha materialized between two mountains, whispering a line from Rumi, "Just Rest." Dedicated to my teacher Adyashanti.

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Mermaid Dakini

Arising from the Sea of Consciousness she holds a Dakini knife for cutting through illusion. She celebrates the full sensual embodiment of earth, water, fire, air and ether.

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Still Voice

For Papa's healing from a stroke. As this mandala unfolded, I felt as if his brain was re-adjusting itself, like gears moving in opposing directions, coming into balance.

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Loving Kindness

Pomegranates and lotuses, fertile and receptive, open to vulnerability. This mandala is a prayer to be loving and kind to my body and antidote to impatience and anger.

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