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Joanna Intara Zim

My deepest desire is to tune into your spirit with you and create a piece that is so unique to you or yours unfolding wishes that stands alone.

With healing jewelry I use semi-precious gems, swarovski crystals, dichroic glass, seed beeds, hand blown glass, and custom made crystal and semi-precious gem encrusted shamanic and spiritual pendants/crosses, czechoslovakian glass, antique buttons, pearls, and other unique bead materials.

Every necklace, bracelet, or earings set I've ever created is unique to the dreamer of its existence.  I truly cherish being able to tune into the psychic field of the person who would like the piece to see what will best serve them.  Sometimes it is a particular look, style, color, feel, or other detail that would make the wearer feel like they are wearing the piece of jewelry that most resonates with them, their soul, their divinity, their true natural, essential, emergent, and awakening nature.  It is my joy to assist you in creating something that supprts you in sacredly resonating with that emergence on-goingly.

When ordering a creation, some say they'd like a certain stone, or combination of stones, gems, swarovski crystals or pearls. Or it's a look they'd like, a certain bringing together of different worlds, or microworlds within the same worlds.  I welcome any project, no matter how out there, or mainstream it seems. Your heart's creative wish is my soul's deep wish as well. Due to the handmade ordering of supplies (stones, beads, and gemstones) per order, most pieces have a four to six week lead time.

In reverence to the Return of the Feminine, most necklaces and sets are names after Ancient Goddesses from around the world.  Some are ones I originated as well.  

This page represents only some of Intara's jewelry Creations. Please visit the entire gallery at http://www.intaracreations.com

Your precious gift to yourself or beloveds,

All Blessings,




The Taureg tribe of Africa created this multi-directional cross that for the wearer, protects them no matter where you are, especially in death, or related matters.  In these times of transformation, crossing over to the next dimensions is deeply aided by such supports. In this incarnation, pearl, balinese silver, glass beads, crystal. seed beads and other quartz stones weave the look you see here.



Necklace, earing and bracelet set.  The gentle feminine in hues and stones of pleasing violet, citrine and gold accentuated by a generous cut swarovski crystal ball, is exactly the beholder of this name, Preciosa.



Inspired by one of the many Queens in my life, she is regal, grand, a conscious and dazzling wave maker.  Made of amber, garnet, indian and balinese silver, swarovski crystals and  more, this is a piece fit for the sacred, indigenous queen in your life.



Hearth and warmth of coral, copper, and silver unite in honor of our mother Demeter.  Elegant, grounded, and luminous frequencies emerge from this becoming rare coral stone.



Extraordinary balancing from many worlds; amethyst, swarovski crystals, antique button, and other quartz stones to honor Inanna's amazing journey to the descent and back again, a sacred journey we all must take in life, not to be taken without supports.



Inspired by an extraordinary midwife, Kiannah joins the cool of turqoise with the warmth of buffalo horn, grounding and balancing the intensities of all our in between transitions from birth to life to death and beyond.



Turqoise, balinese silver, swarovski crystals, and other silver combine to create a deeply medicinal piece that has been prayed into during the making of this emblem.  May it aid you in ever deepening your compassion for yourself and all beings.



Feel the breath of the warm fiery hearthy fiery Pele' blowing your way into the places most aided by it.  Quartz, swarovski crystal, and other semi precious gems like citrine round out the piece.



Inspired by the Italian Renassiance, Fiorella captures all that is refined, elegant, synthesized and Venusian for the graceful priestess present in all women.  Elements of chinese jasper, flourite, swarovski crystals. gold, and antique button complete the picture.  Price includes earings as shown.


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