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Jan West

Through paint, photography, the creative process and intuition, I explore archetypal, spiritual and cross cultural themes. When I am truly engaged in the creative process, or to quote Joseph Campbell, “when I am following my Bliss,” I lose all sense of time and space, and experience perfect moments.

I hope to inspire others by presenting the world through a new lens. My work with what I have coined, Force Field Photography began in 1994. Images of Orbs, Light, and Energetic Realms, that we can not typically see with the naked eye, show that we are all interconnected, energetic beings of light and consciousness. My goal is to shift limiting paradigms and perceptions of reality one image at a time!

My deep love for the natural world is reflected in my “Organic Abstract” paintings. All my Mandalas are hand painted. Mandalas are an archetypal symbol that has served throughout recorded history, as a means toward expanded thinking and being.

Each limited edition image is available as a museum-quality archival print; signed by the artist, mounted and ready for framing. Prints are available in many sizes. 8" x 8" and 8" x 10" for $15.00, 10" x 10" for $20, 12” x 12” and 11” x 14” for $25.00, 14" x 14" for $95.00, 11” x 16” for $105.00,  16” x 16” for $135.00 - 24” x 30” for $ 275.00.  Original paintings are available for sale as well as 5' x 7" greeting cards: One card for $5.00,  3 cards for $10.00, a set of 9 cards for $25.00.

For more information please contact me by email at: JanWestArt@mac.com or visit my website at www.JanWestArt.com.

I am honored to contribute to the Touchstone web community and thank you for taking the time to experience my artwork.


Slice of Life

This Organic Abstract Painting is symbolic of the paradox of transition. There is a sense of having entered into a gateway and of having arrived at the same time. This Organic Abstract Painting is symbolic of the paradox of transition. 16” x 20"

$145.00 - Buy now

Daybreak at Ghost House

Original Painting, Acrylic on Canvas - 24" x 36"

$425.00 - Buy now

Orbs Spheres of Consciousness

Organic abstract painting of the Fires of Creation. Organic Abstract Painting. Acrylic on Canvas - 16” x 20”

$145.00 - Buy now

Shaman's Dance of Power With the Orbs of Consciousnes

This mountain is my backyard view and I photograph it often. One day I snapped a picture of it and the massive, glorious Orbs appeared. 16” x 20”

$145.00 - Buy now

On the Wings of a Dove Mandala

Call upon these high frequency energies to assist you in the healing of your mind, body and soul! 11” x 14”

$65.00 - Buy now

Egyptian Mystery School Mandala

This photograph was taken in the ancient ceremonial ruins of Bandolier. I set up my camera a year later to duplicate the image and the Spirit Orb showed up again! 11 x 14

$65.00 - Buy now

Creation Mandala

This Mandala serves as a tool for guiding you along the path towards Perfect Health, Love, Joy and Miracles. It helps transform ordinary minds and situations into enlightened ones. 12” x 12”

$65.00 - Buy now

Abiquiu Adobe and the Orbs of Consciousness

This Mandala once activated, is capable of carrying our consciousness to higher dimensions. It is a powerful portal into the Mystery Realms. 14” x 14”

$95.00 - Buy now

Homage To Abiquiu

The symbols transcend time and space and will help assist you in activating a vortex of vitality and strength from deep within your soul. 16” x 16”

$145.00 - Buy now

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