Featured Artist: Manny Neuzil

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Natural Turquoise Cairn Pendant

Natural Turquoise Cairn Pendant

Sacred artist Manny Neuzil creates earthy, elegant and deeply meaningful jewelry with stone cairns, Tibetan mala beads and natural turquoise wheels.

Of her work Manny says:

I am repeatedly drawn to stones and other elements that inspire me to create jewelry that is a bit unrefined, beautifully irregular and suggestive of the spiritual.

Some of the elements I am most drawn to are organic and unrefined stones, ancient pieces, Tibetan mala beads, and ethnic additions. I prefer to use creative elements that are not too many steps removed from the earth…imperfectly perfect.

Her materials have stories to tell as well as cultural and spiritual significance.

Cairns have been used for centuries as path markers and landmarks. My cairns are inspired by such stacks and the power of suggestion and guidance from within and without that is ever available to us.

The Mala beads that I use are salvaged from the remains of old Tibetan Prayer Malas. I love

Tibetan Mala Bead and Pink Quartz Earrings

Tibetan Mala Bead and Pink Quartz Earrings

wondering where they’ve been, whose hands have smoothed and softened them, moving over them in prayer and meditation, counting off mantras.

The turquoise is natural and irregularly cut and is quite complex, full of so many other types of stone that I can’t begin to explain it’s effect. Each wheel bead is completely unique and unlike the next. Each one is a small, rich and complete masterpiece that both surprises and delights me.

For more about her process and materials, and to view additional pieces visit Manny’s page in our Sacred Art Gallery.

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  1. Thank you for featuring my work…I am honored to be able to participate at this soul-filled, art and heart site.

  2. Manny’s work touches your soul!

  3. Manny’s work is awe-inspiring. Her work speaks of character and life.


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