Anointing and Love

July 02, 2010 By: Allison Stillman Category: Mind Body Spirit

Anointing with essential oils has been used in ritual and ceremony for thousands of years, with one of the most widely known rites being the art of perfuming as an attractant for love. While most everyone today is familiar with the use of perfume and cologne as a tool for attracting a mate, most people don’t know that essential oils were the original form of perfume.

The word perfume comes from the Latin phrase “per” meaning through, and “fumus” meaning smoke. The original form of perfume was actually incense, and has been traced back over 4,000 years to the use by Mesopotamians, who would use resins and woods to burn in their religious ceremonies. Many people would often soak the resins and woods in water, and then rub the water over their bodies anointing themselves with the fragrant waters.

The Egyptians were quite fastidious in the care of the body and used oils extensively to anoint their bodies and surrounded themselves with oils in elaborate containers. Their aromatic use of oils dates back more than 3,000 years and it was during this lavish period that essential oils made their greatest surge into everyday use.

Cleopatra by Joseph_Coomans

Cleopatra by Joseph Coomans

Perhaps most famous of all Egyptian rulers was Cleopatra, who was well versed in the power of scent, and was equally lavish in her use of perfume. When she sailed into Egypt after she left Rome, it was said that she perfumed her sails and burned incense so that clouds of perfume would announce her arrival, long before her barge would come into view. Cleopatra was also reputed to have used oils to perfume herself whenever she would meet her potential lovers.

The oils that have been used for thousands of years in the art of perfuming were chosen for their powerful abilities to attract love, with the predominant oil being rose essential oil. Rose has traditionally been the flower and symbol of love for centuries, and is known for its ability to increase love in one’s life. Although rose is one of the more expensive essential oils on the market today, it is with enormous rationale. It takes 60,000 hand picked rose blossoms to make one ounce of essential oil. Thank heavens, rose is such an evocative oil as it only takes a few drops to anoint the heart, and perfume the soul.

Anointing the heart with essential oils is an incredible ritual to open our hearts and minds to more love in our lives, and if we begin each day centered in the heart of love, life is bound to respond by bringing more and more love to us in each and every moment.

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