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May 18, 2010 By: admin Category: Poetry, Sacred Art

Loving Kindness by Julia Weaver

Ancient Tears

Ancient tears are now birthing
Soft white stars
In this long-endarkened womb,
Bringing to an end
Years of frantic searching
for the Beloved One.
Searching through disconnected phallus
and baby-makers
They too trying to demand their way
Into Paradise.

Exiled from our Homeland,
Fueled by the longing of the Wanderer,
The Great Betrayal enthrones a wrathful Armageddon
Hidden deep in the Heart’s knot
of protective refusal
Generation after generation.

Finally as the century turns
The wanderer reaches the shoreline at the far corner of the desert.
She plunges into this thirst-quenching ocean,
A never-ending deep and dark Silence.
Nothing seems to survive here.

My friend, what dies here is the lies of the Betrayer
And the fortress of her lies.
Through this death the Abyss opens even wider
Opens into the midnight sky.
Oh, luminous blue-black night
Where these ancient tears can finally be met
And take their rightful place
Sweet noble star lights of grace.

~ Ahria Wolf

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