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Celedra Gildea, PhD, Founder

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Celedra Gildea, PhD, is a psychotherapist by profession. In 20 years working with clients in therapy, she has found that living life with intention is key to happiness and spiritual fulfillment. Devoted to helping others while exploring and illuminating touchstones of the sacred in everyday life, Celedra founded this blog with a mission to create and nurture community while providing tools, resources and diverse paths to explore along the sacred journey of intentional living. In 1995 Celedra began designing malas to support her own spiritual practice in Tibetan Buddhism. In 2007 she traveled to Tibet and founded Tara Malas, a non-profit cottage industry that helps support the impoverished Nangchen nuns and local Tibetan women. Celedra also founded and operates Celedra LLC, a conscious lifestyle company providing sacred art and jewelry that combines ancient tradition with modern beauty.

Peter Ivory, Cinematographer

Peter Ivory is a cinematographer and photographer, with a love for storytelling. Peter’s personal passion and skills in the arts has brought to Touchstones of the Sacred many of the visual images and personal interviews that so many have enjoyed. Capturing the essence of what is means to be human in “Sacred Moments” to the simple words of truth and wisdom that can redefine who we are at any moment.    For more information about Peter and his work go to StudioArtsProductions.com.



Jeff Brock, Web Designer & Developer

Jeff Brock is a charismatic, right-and-left-brained communicator with more than 12 years expertise in web content, programming, design and usability, and 7 years as a photographer, journalist and media relations professional. He’s committed to social change. He worked at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation from 1996-2007 (first as media spokesperson, and then webmaster). In June 2003, he bicycled 585 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles in AIDS/LifeCycle, raising more than $3,300 for the AIDS Foundation. He’s developed sites for such nonprofits as The Kidney TRUST, the Barry Manilow Fund for Health & Hope, and Mama Cash, an international women’s rights organization in Amsterdam. Jeff lives in Portland, Oregon with his fiancee Bobbie, and a cat with one eye, and a cat with no tail. For more about Jeff’s photography and design, visit www.jeffbrockstudio.com.


Patricia Tedeschi – Founder Better Botanicals

Patricia Tedeschi is the Founder of Better Botanicals.  Ayurveda changed my life, shifting it toward yoga, meditation, and a more conscious awareness of life and the part I am meant to play. After adopting this outlook, it was no surprise when I had a serendipitous opportunity to become a co-owner of Better Botanicals. What a synergy between what is important to me and the opportunity to share these wonderful products with other people. And in this way, my desire led to balance in my own life!




Mary Lane, Guest Blogger

Mary Lane is author of the book, Divine Nourishment: A Woman’s Sacred Journey with Food. Through Mary’s 30 year career as a professional chef she awakened and deepened her understanding of the connection between food and nourishment, the wisdom of nature, sexuality, and the Divine Feminine. She discovered the desire to reclaim these aspects of ourselves lies beneath the surface of our collective movement toward sustainability and balance. She draws upon the wisdom of her own journey and weaves it with her expertise in the ancient Taoist 5 Element System of Nutrition, Plant Spirit Medicine, sacred sexuality, wildcrafting, and professional training as a chef. She is dedicated to supporting women to transform the self rejection buried in the shadowy depths of their unconscious to self care, honor and love. She offers classes, workshops and private consultations on eating, cooking and living seasonally to align with the rhythm and flow of our environment. Visit www.Divinenourishment.net for more information on Mary and her work.


Michael Nagel, Guest Blogger

Michael Nagel is counselor in private practice in Portland, Oregon, and the author of the Personal Authenticity Project blog which examines the path and practice of being authentic. His writings on psychology and spiritual practice have been published in magazines, journals, and books.  To find out more: www.personal-authenticity-project.com or visit him on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/MichaelLNagel




Janna Chin M.A., Guest Blogger

Janna Chin, M.A. is an expert in HolisticCoaching incorporating the mind, body, spirit connection and combining integrative holistic, mindset life coaching, Ayurveda, meditation, martial arts, yoga, Chinese herbs, and spiritual counseling in her programsto propel smart, savvy, high-achieving women who “wear many hats” to the next level in their relationships, finances, and careers so they can get better, bigger, faster and finally feel good enough!

Janna is well-qualified to work with high-achieving women who want to overcome the pressures of “doing it all” and take their careers to the next level. Janna combines a M.A. in Counseling and over ten years of counseling experience with her own experience as a successful business owner.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and never good enough no matter how hard you try?

Janna can help!

Join Janna for a FREE 15 minute Get Acquainted Session! Call (916) 482-8841 or e-mail janna@fillyourcupup.com to schedule an appointment.

Here’s to “Filling Your Cup Up” with Love & Success!

For more information visit www.FillYourCupUp.com


Nora Nickerson, Guest Blogger Sacred Spirit Book Club

Nora Nickerson, Consulting Poet & Artist

Nora Nickerson is a nurse practitioner, artist and poet living in Tucson, Arizona. She has published a number of her poetry pieces and has been a featured poet in many southern Arizona venues. She works with the underserved of southern Arizona and Veterans Administration providing primary healthcare. She has a penchant for exploring philosophy and many spiritual ideologies that has culminated in her own daily meditation practice and spiritual belief system. Her daily intention is to always remember to view the world, humanity and herself through an open mind and heart.



Guest Blogger ME2, Rachelle Goering, MA, ARNP, BC

Rachelle Goering, MA, ARNP, BC, Guest Blogger

Rachelle Goering, MA, ARNP, BC is a board certified family nurse practitioner and psychotherapist with more than 30 years of professional experience into her private practice. Using traditional and alternative approaches to healing, Rachelle’s Bay Area/Grass Valley practice focuses on women’s health with an emphasis on perimenopause and menopause, supporting emotional balance, optimal physical health and spiritual well being. She also has a psychotherapy practice in Marin. Rachelle is a dedicated and accomplished teacher, speaker, program developer and workshop facilitator. Despite her busy schedule she finds time to relax and enjoy her environment hiking on Mt. Tam, swimming in her pool at home or shopping at local farmer’s markets.

Samantha Safirstein, Guest Blogger

Samantha Safirstein Hi my name is Samantha! I am a competitive level 5 gymnast and I love to flip, twist and fly.  I go to gym 3 times a week for 4 hours. I am in fifth grade and I am 11.  My school is called Alameda, and it is a super fun place!  Celedra is my grandma and she is super amazing!!  I love watching her help the nuns and make bracelets as pretty as jewels!


9 Comments to “About”

  1. Living life with intention so includes eating. So many people don’t realize that when they are just eating for the sake of eating, not with intention. It is a habit that people need to practice- to eat with intention.

  2. Hi Candace,
    Thank you so much for logging into Touchstones of the Sacred and sharing your thoughts.

  3. your writing speaks to my soul and I thank you for sharing your gift with us ~ quite amazing and quite powerful. blessings,

  4. Thank you Tami! We appreciate your kind words and are grateful to have you visit our blog. Namaste.

  5. Eryn Hampson says:

    love in the highest

  6. My first goal, Celedra, is 110 years. I may choose to extend this date, or not. We’ll see! I love the meditation, mindful eating and exercise framework and do agree with it.

    I love you, Celedra, Joanne

  7. What a beautiful website!! Joanne


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