A surprise from Lyeda

April 11, 2011 By: Samantha Category: Grandparenting, Mind Body Spirit

I woke up that morning staring into the eyes of my grandma Lala. Immediately, the flood of images from the night before came to me. I met Lyeda, my guardian angel,and drifted off to sleep with her green eyes watching over me. “Good morning!” I said to Lala. “Good morning sweetie! You slept in late today!” Lala announced.

Suddenly, I was back on the beach with Lyeda. “Go to the fairy garden”, she told me. “I have a surprise for you!” I sat up quickly, followed by Lala. “I think we should go to the fairy garden Lala. Lyeda wants me to go there. “I would love to do that, Sami!” she replied. I excitedly jumped up, and put on Lala’s comfy purple silk robe

.“I dreamt about Lyeda all night, Lala!” I exclaimed. “I dreamt about my guardian angel too!” Lala admitted. We walked into the corner of our garden marked off with rocks. The ground was covered in different kinds of green plants. Also, behind the plants were flowers and fairy dust surrounded by a giant tree stump. But there was something new. On the mossy stump was a shiny silver box, which looked about the size of a shoebox. “Open it Sami!” “Ya! Okay!” I whooped. I was stricken. Lyeda was real, sweet and all mine!

I ran over and picked up the box. A wave of rainwater rushed off the lid. I excitedly opened the top of the box to find a stunningly beautiful orange diary inside. I picked up the diary carefully, as though it were my new baby. I decided to open the diary, and when I did, I gasped. The paper in the book was handmade! There was an occasional hair and sparkle in the pages, and behind me Lala did a small scream but it was muffled, also a bit like a gasp.

On the first page, the first entry was written. I was informed in sloppy writing that this was my diary, and I was to write in it, and Lyeda would respond. We ran into the house and I wrote my response to Lyeda in a sparkly purple pen. Lyeda will always be there for me. I have been filling up my journal for a year in a half with her. now. I love her so much.

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