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Reclaiming Your Wholeness with Unconditional Positive Self-Regard

June 21, 2011 By: Michael Nagel Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit


Thou shall bear all things that all things may change.

~  Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950),

I wonder whether, like most of the persons I meet, you divy yourself into parts of which are good and bad, likeable and dislikeable, spiritual and unspiritual, etc… On the one hand, you turn towards, embrace, and proudly present to others your “better” qualities. On the other hand, you turn from, disown, and closet your “worse” parts.

I am concerned for those “bad” parts – my own and others. They remind me of a prisoner on death row. Yes, some crimes are heinous , and they provoke the sentiment of vengeful justice. Yet as long as the prisoner lives, there is the possibility of his psychological redemption. But “bad” parts of ourselves which are condemned to the unconscious have little opportunity for transformation. Yet still they live on. With dreams and outbursts, they clank against the cell bars of their imprisonment.

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Essential Oils and Elder Care

June 13, 2011 By: Allison Stillman Category: Aging With Grace and Glory, Mind Body Spirit

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The last six months have provided an opportunity for me to work with a group of elderly residents in a convalescent care facility implementing essential oils to mitigate the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Having cared for an elderly Aunt for 7 years who suffered from advanced stages of Parkinson’s, I learned firsthand how valuable essential oils are for working with people with delusional states of reality, agitation, anxiety and depression. I had such success working with oils, and endeavored to create a six-month study with the hopes of introducing aromatherapy and the use of essential oils as a protocol to work with the other residents who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s dis-ease.

Having completed the six-months, we are now looking at the best methods in which to implement using the oils as a protocol as the results we experienced were so outstanding and exciting with every resident experiencing positive effects100% of the time.

Very soon into the study, I discovered, and received feedback from caregivers, that my aromatherapy class was the favorite hour of the week, and Read more »

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