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Daily Wisdom

March 16, 2011 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.

Rabingranath Tagore

Springing Forward

March 15, 2011 By: Mary Lane Category: Mind Body Spirit, Recipes


It has been a monumental winter for me. I am sure it has been for you as well. We are all growing, healing, reckoning, reclaiming, and regrouping at a depth and pace that makes our hair blow and our eyes tear as we gulp, hang on, and go for the ride of all rides. It is a very exciting time.

Spring can be a very powerful ally in this growth spurt we are going through. Or it can drop you to your knees in frustration, anger, resignation and depression. How we walk through spring at this time, 2011, seems very significant to me.

We are going through a collective cleanse of negative energy that will keep us from moving into the higher frequency necessary for the transition into a more life affirming existence in our world.

We are being asked to embrace our true nature, rise to the task of committing to become who we each were uniquely designed to be, and contribute our gifts to our world, no matter what they may look like.

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Daily Wisdom

March 14, 2011 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.


Daily Wisdom

March 12, 2011 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

A good rest is half the work.  Yugoslav proverb

Daily Wisdom

March 10, 2011 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

After a heavy snowfall, the more heavy branches of the pine break under the weight of the snow, but the more supple willow branches bend thus allowing the snow to fall onto the ground.  Tao – Sacred Symbols

Is Art valuable?

March 09, 2011 By: Shala Blackburn Category: Uncategorized

My twofold purpose as the manager/promoter of the Sacred Art gallery is to 1) find more artists who create with consciousness, in some way promoting a connection with “the sacred”, and to 2) help get their works sold. In line with the latter, I asked each of the artists currently in our gallery “what they would like to see happen.” One far reaching answer percolating to the surface is the notion of educating people re living with inspirational objects. Within the merest sliver of time I realized what a loaded idea THAT is………….

It seems at first a no-brainer, given the acquisitive nature of modern American society: put inspirational objects in the market place and people will buy them. It seems though, that somehow, the collective “we” has decided that art is one of the luxury items – it is either beyond the ken of the average person, and is therefore something for an elite group. Or, it is something that can be done without, and is easily jettisoned when times are hard, and spending is reduced and carefully measured. The net result is much the same: buying art is not a necessity; it is not to be sacrificed for, and it is not a value that outweighs other, more primal needs.

However, I posit THIS notion: ART is a primal need, and it is at least equal to others, eating, being warm, etc ………. The findings of anthropology and archaeology show that many of the important items exchanged among diverse peoples, and some of the oldest of things in the archaeological record that have survived to this day, have to do with art. Trade goods – shells, feathers, minerals for pigments, gemstones, tanned, dyed skins, fibers for weaving, metals and the means of working them – were exchanged across vast territories, having been carted dozens, hundreds, thousands of miles, at great cost in both currencies and lives. Why? Because people wanted to live with the things  made from them. Cave paintings – whether for magical invocation or honorific and sacrificial rites – were created in recessed areas, difficult to access. The result of acute observation, and abstracting depiction, they were not always even intended to be seen. Why? Because they somehow moved the people, and gave them some understanding, some explication, some resolution that transcended the merely practical. Art.

Art. Hmmmmm……….. How to make people see how much they NEED art, how it fulfills barely felt spiritual urges, or deeply buried psychological questions? In a highly practical age such as ours, in an era of ‘do or die’, of ‘state your case’, of ‘make a return on investment’, how is one to justify the expense of something that hangs on the wall, that sits in a lighted case, that is mounted in a public space? These are not useful in the sense that one can pinpoint What They Do; they do not fit on a ledger, and they are not easily measured by any battery of educational assessments. Funding for the arts is always one of the first things to be cut when money is tight. There are no politically motivated programs of “No Artist Left Behind” …….. and why is THAT? Hmmmmmm……… Art. I welcome your thoughts…….

Dry Brushing Your Skin to Help Detoxify

March 09, 2011 By: Patricia Tedeschi Category: Mind Body Spirit, Uncategorized


Body exfoliation has long been part of Ayurveda’s deep-cleansing philosophy.  This technique helps slough off the dead skin cells thereby stimulating the release of toxins and leaving the skin glowing.  The rituals of skin care are important as a commitment to showing respect to our bodies and our selves.

Use a natural-bristle brush. Use circular motions around joint areas and upward, sweeping motions everywhere else, always moving toward the heart. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system which strengthens the immune system.

When exfoliating with a dry brush, start with the soles of your feet, brushing in a circular motion.  Gently brush the legs and arms with long motions toward the heart.  The back and abdomen come last with circular motions on the abdomen, starting at the top and moving toward the left around in a circle making the circle smaller and smaller.

Dry brushing is best done before a bath or shower, and it is optimum to follow with a body oil, such as Better Botanicals’ Ayurvedic Hydrating Body Oil.

Once a week, treat yourself to Better Botanicals’ Jojoba Clarifying scrub for face and body.

“To see beauty as the face of love rather than the arbitrary
gift of fortune is…to enlarge our sense of life’s possibilities.”

Daily Wisdom

March 08, 2011 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

“One should act in consonance with the way of heaven and earth, which is enduring and eternal. The superior person perseveres long in their course, adapts to the times, but remains firm in their direction and correct in their goals.” I Ching

Daily Wisdom

March 02, 2011 By: admin Category: Daily Wisdom

Let no one deceive another
or despise anyone anywhere,
or through anger or irritation
wish for another to suffer.
Karaniya Metta Suttra.

The Rebirth of Aromatherapy

March 01, 2011 By: Allison Stillman Category: Mind Body Spirit


When aromatherapy began its resurgence back into our modern world in the early 1920’s, we had not been using essential oils for almost a thousand years. We could speculate that literature about their use had been burned in the great libraries of Alexandria, and the healing art of using aromatherapy faded from view, but I believe that there was something much more profound at play.

The use of essential oils and plant medicine dates as far back as 18,000 years ago, and aromatherapy, or the use of essential oils, has always been the most concentrated form of the plant species. Essential oils, or the volatile liquid compounds found in trees, grasses, plants, flowers, roots and stems, are the life blood of every plant, the very soul of the plant if you will, and as such, contains every bit of information the plant needs in order to survive. The essential oil tells the plant when to produce flowers, when to go to seed, when to die, and delivers hormones for growth, natural insect repellent to deter pests and everything needed to stay fit and thrive.

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