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Shadows of Aging Part 2: Disturbing the Furies

December 28, 2010 By: Sherry Ruth Anderson Category: Aging With Grace and Glory, Sherry Anderson


Once Michele George, Oriah Mountain Dreamer and I had launched into the first morning of “The First Canadian Conference on Women Elders,” we knew we were in trouble. As I look back now, I tremble at what we were setting in motion that day. The stereotypes of aging we were carrying came from some mix of 19th century novels, old movies and the direst fears in our culture that equated growing old with becoming useless and dependent. …  The truth was that we had no experience of what it was like to grow old so we couldn’t know which questions to ask, what would open something genuine in the women coming to the conference and what would merely waste their time. Read more »

How to Overcome the Pressures of Doing it All

December 23, 2010 By: Janna Chin Category: Mind Body Spirit


As the holidays are getting closer, you may find yourself feeling “stretched way too thin,” wanting to “pull your hair out” with all the things that need to get done. If you’re like most high-achieving women, you’re busy all the time, tending to all the details to make sure that everything is just perfect. As caring women, it’s easy to fall into the habit of taking care of everyone else. The idea of balance and calm becomes just an elusive concept far out of reach. Read more »

Daily Wisdom

December 21, 2010 By: admin Category: Mind Body Spirit, Teachings


If you use your mind to try and understand reality.
you will understand neither your mind nor reality.

If you try and understand reality without using your mind.
you will understand both your mind and reality.


Internalized Ageism. Me?

December 20, 2010 By: celedra Category: Aging With Grace and Glory, Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit


I am 63 years old and a grandmother of four.

Notice the images that arise in your mind?  They are probably the images that invariably appear in children’s books – plump, white-haired women, an apron securely tied around their wide waists, a bun on top of their head and, of course, granny glasses.  They are often baking cookies. Read more »

The Recipe for Englightenment

December 18, 2010 By: Michael McAlister Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit, Teachers, Teachings


One of my more senior students recently commented, “You pretty much just point out the shortcuts on the path, don’t you.”

On my best days, yes. It’s what we teachers do. We try to point students in the right direction; one that will help them let go of even more. At least that’s the idea. None of us in the teaching role, however, can enlighten anybody. No one has that power. In fact, if someone tells you that they can enlighten you, run for the hills. Quickly. At our best, teachers offer up ways to speed the process and force the issue of awakening all of the time. Read more »

Shadows of Aging part 1: Powerful Forces

December 14, 2010 By: Sherry Ruth Anderson Category: Aging With Grace and Glory, Sherry Anderson


The year I turned fifty, I was invited to Toronto to be a keynote speaker at a conference for women. A conference organizer, a barely controlled fireball named Victoria had invited two other women to be speakers as well. Michelle George, an actress and singer, was a virtual legend in Toronto for her spontaneous theatre work. She had been a member of Peter Brook’s original company of actors, dancers, musicians who toured across the Middle East and Africa in the early 1970s.  Read more »

Seasonal Eating, Healing and the Sacred Feminine

December 11, 2010 By: Mary Lane Category: Awakening Feminine, Feminine Wisdom, Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit


I was at a gathering of women the other night. There was a sharing about how it looks and feels for the Sacred Feminine to be showing back up in the world now on a collective and personal level. Each woman shared how she was breaking through in her own life. There was a theme of having to do the shadow work and clean up all the old stuff so she can emerge out of the shadows free from the wounding of a patriarchal era. Read more »

10 Ways to Find Joy When You Think Life Sucks #7

December 09, 2010 By: celedra Category: Mind Body Spirit


Gratitude or complaining – choose one for joy.

My mother often told us the story about the little boy who felt so sorry for himself because he had no shoes, then meeting up with the little boy who had no feet.  Well, the story worked. It seems to have ingrained within me a sort of automatic response that takes over when feeling sorry for myself or doing much complaining. Read more »

The Gift of No Abode

December 03, 2010 By: Michael McAlister Category: Living with Intention, Teachers, Teachings


Several years prior to any formal spiritual practice, I was walking through New York City’s East Village one night during a particularly cold March rain. I was a starving artist on my way home from an evening of waiting tables, and I was experiencing great difficulty in my life. I was exhausted and on edge about my lack of money, I was dealing with a relationship that was beginning to sour, and, as a thin-skinned Californian, I was growing weary of New York’s weather. Depression and darkness had begun to settle in and I remember thinking how all I was interested in doing was hanging on to anything that could stabilize this increasingly chaotic life of mine. Read more »

We’re Going in Raw

December 01, 2010 By: Sherry Ruth Anderson Category: Aging With Grace and Glory, Sherry Anderson


Trust.  Trust.  Trust.  So much trust is needed to come to my writing room every morning. To not lock back into what I think I know, all the old opinions, to what’s been said before by others, and so much better than I can say it. Especially by Eliot.  He already wrote in 1943 everything we need to know now. Read more »

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