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Poetry Contest Winner

November 11, 2010 By: admin Category: Poetry

Dear God of Small Things

by Judy Ray

Every day I think of writing to you,
but you have many details to deal with
and my letter may be too small a thing.

I would thank you for the green and blue scent
of rosemary, for feathery cassia,
for sudden brief opulence of red-torch
cactus bloom. All these redeem the desert’s
harshness to one from another landscape.
I would write of the birdsongs that outsing
city traffic, a dog’s understanding
of routine, the bursting smiles of children.

And then I would ask if it is a small
enough thing for you to make a mirror
for us. It can be of purest silvered
glass or hammered tin or calm deep water,
and will reflect ourselves not as our selves
but as those others we strive to be,
outshining the shadow selves between.

Your Divine Assignment: Doing the Work You Love

November 10, 2010 By: Tama J. Kieves Category: Conscious Livelihood, Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit


When I had my career melt-down and fled the life of being an elite-law-firm-corporate-lawyer, (an honors graduate of Harvard Law School), I thought I was changing careers. I had no idea I was changing my definition of the divine.  Read more »

Holiday Survival Guide: Keep Mind Body and Spirit in Balance

November 09, 2010 By: Rachelle Goering Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit


In order to stay balanced and retain your sanity and your health during the holiday season, I recommend planning ahead and following these helpful tips. Make this year the year to really enjoy the holidays and to not sabotage program by committing to taking exquisite care of yourself. Read more »

10 Ways to Find Joy When You Think Life Sucks #4

November 08, 2010 By: celedra Category: Mind Body Spirit


4. Let the autumn leaves shower their blessings upon you

Yesterday, on my drive from California to Portland, I stopped in Ashland for a walk through the park.  My friend and I were struck with one of those rare moments of breathlessness when your senses seem to explode with joy and beauty and deep gratitude for this glorious earth in all of her bounty.  Read more »

Distillation of Essential Oils

November 03, 2010 By: Allison Stillman Category: Mind Body Spirit


The process of turning plants into essential oils is a very complex art, and one that requires finding a teacher who understands the complexity of the plant world itself, which is no small undertaking. The old adage, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear is certainly appropriate in my case, as it seems like I am finally ready to begin in earnest a subject that has fascinated me for years. Read more »

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