10 ways to find joy when you think life sucks.

October 11, 2010 By: celedra Category: Conscious Parenting, Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit

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1.  Take a child on a Roller Coaster Ride!

Whoever said a picture is worth a million words, here it is!

There is a kid on every corner who would LOVE to do this!  And how can it not be the best day ever?  The feeling of exhilaration and fresh air and crazy sensations running through the body – fear and, last but not least, the great opportunity to scream your head off and just let out all those inhibitions!

Yes, Jacob is just chillin'

Children can be our great teachers on how to just let ourselves fall into boundless joy. I wonder what happens to us as we age.  Maybe it’s fear – more and more awareness of our forthcoming destiny.  But what if we said “no” to fear sometimes, and “yes” to whatever metaphoric roller coaster ride that might come across our path?

Really, life doesn’t suck.  Sometimes we just suck.  Suck the air out of life, get angry with life, dwell on what we don’t have any power over.  Why bother doing that?  There are a million and one things we do have power over.  Like:

  1. the thoughts we think
  2. the perceptions we have
  3. the choices we make
  4. the amount of smiles that we share
  5. the kindnesses we do and never tell about – it’s endless.

So, what if, when fear comes around, we say the biggest “yes” ever and do the thing we’ve never done before; take the risk we’ve never taken; be the person we’ve never been? Let joy and exhilaration and screams and laughter just ripple through our bodies.

Why not?

Unless of course, you are talking about going on this CRAZY ride where you fall 125 feet!

With 3 of the 4 grandchildren

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